My name is Jodie (though I often go by the nickname 'Togepi' online - either name is fine!) and I'm a hobbyist artist, photographer and blogger who resides in the United Kingdom. For my art, I tend to specialize in drawing cute and colourful pictures, mainly focusing on animals, or fanart from shows and games I enjoy. My aim is that I hope to brighten someone's day with my artwork when they see it!

I'm mainly a self-taught artist who's been drawing for as long as I can remember, so my artwork has evolved through a lot of practise and dedication, and of course, you never stop learning and improving! I mainly use Clip Studio Paint for my digital artwork, though I have also used Paint Tool SAI in the past too.

I'm a big fan of things such as Pokémon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Animal Crossing and much more and this is very much reflected in my fanart work! I love drawing the characters I enjoy so much and know many others enjoy too. I've also started running an off-site blog where I ramble about various things, mostly about things I enjoy!

This website is mainly a portfolio of my favourite work over the years, as well as drawing projects and challenges that I have done!
I have a lot more artwork I have done, as well as photography work, which you can see in the following places:

Tumblr - Twitter - Instagram - Art Facebook - Photography Facebook - DeviantArt - Blog - Youtube

I currently don't take on any requests or commissions, but if you want to show any support, then I do have Redbubble and Ko-fi as options!

Please do not re-post or use my artwork without permission. If you wish to share it, please do so from my posts on social media such as Tumblr and Twitter. If you struggle to find the links to the specific picture you want, you can find the links in the descriptions on the pictures on DeviantArt.
 Thank you!